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James Roy Clark - submitted by Jo Clark (added to site in early 2012)

Hi everyone!

I've attached a photo of my Daddy & two friends - since he ONLY served on the Delta, I'm hoping someone can remember them--taken during WWII. (Don't know why I didn't think of this 13 years ago when I came to Denver for my first Reunion!!)

The men pictured are: John Schuster, Dan Richardson & Daddy (James Roy Clark) - Dan must have really been short - my Daddy was only about 5' 8" and he is quite a bit taller than Dan! According to the date on the photo, the USS DELTA was in Sicily. I would LOVE to locate relatives of these two men!

Also, please keep me in mind for diaries/letters you may have - I'm collecting materials for a book about WWII on the homefront, and want diaries kept by the women back home (mothers/sisters/sweethearts) or letters that they wrote to their guys. If anyone had something, please let me know (not just Delta family--anyone/any branch).

Wish I could have been with everyone this year, but just couldn't work it out with school and all.


Jo Clark